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Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Active Sourcing, Research

Pragmatic. Efficient. Successful.

The basis:
>20 years of HR experience, of which
>15 years recruiting focus

I support you – also in acute challenges – in all aspects of finding the right management and specialist positions.

  • In target-oriented conflict resolution
  • In the processing of projects
  • As an extended arm of your HR department

Planned or ad-hoc, and gladly the very hard nut to crack.

If you are interested in a first non-binding meeting, I look forward to our contact.

Competences for companies

I am available to you via individual recruitment services, full-cycle and holistic RPO projects through to interim assignments.

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Martin Gapp
End-to-End Recruiting

processing of your
employee search


Customised services

Profitable recruitment modules
according to your needs


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Long-term business process outsourcing
for higher recruitment volume


Recruiter on Demand



End-to-End Recruiting

Are you considering outsourcing a recruiting project to an external specialist?

From my HR practice of more than 20 years, I have developed a systematic method for the right approach to a recruiting project. This ensures that as many relevant aspects as possible are considered for an efficient and successful recruitment. Your basic initial situation, your continuing corporate and HR strategy and your internal processes are considered, as are all job-related details and all other influencing factors.

Even if we proceed together according to this structure – it always remains a custom-fit approach tailored to your company.

Graphic 1: Exemplary project approach

I promise you the greatest care in the handling of your project. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a first free meeting.

Customised services

Do you need support in certain areas of recruitment or talent acquisition?

I can take over individual tasks for you, according to your needs. You can rely on proven processes.

Of course, individual services can also be bundled into packages, e.g. identification and approach.

Graphic 2: Optional recruiting modules

I assure you of the highest efficiency and effectiveness.

Sounds good? Then don’t hesitate to contact me – and make use of my many years of know-how.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing / RPO

Your recruitment budget is too high?

You would like to reduce the recruitment time?​

The quality of the presented applicants is not sufficient?

You want to integrate Active Sourcing into your recruitment efforts?

In these and many other cases, the medium- to long-term outsourcing of internal recruiting services to an external partner in the form of an RPO can be very effective.

The range of services can extend from individual modules to full service, both onsite and offsite.

Many years of practice have shown that the best basis for a successful RPO is a sophisticated strategy that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Please let us talk about an approach to your issue that suits you.

My RPO experience ranges from setting up a distributed field service unit with approx. 20 employees to establishing a corporate staff department with approx. 120 employees. The search radius ranged from a regional to a global approach.

I can promise you creative and innovative solutions for your needs.

Use my extensive expert knowledge for your challenge. Let’s talk about resource-saving RPO processes.

Recruiter on Demand

Do you need a temporary replacement in your team?

Due to a high workload, your team can only devote limited time to recruitment?

You want to stay flexible and absorb recruitment peaks without expanding your team?

Through interim recruiting I can assist you quickly and professionally. I can work with you on an interim basis in your operational recruiting, on site or from my office.

In addition, I can advise you on topics such as recruitment strategy and processes, candidate approach, management, communication, and selection as well as personnel marketing and employer branding.

Together we can analyse your strategic and operational recruiting and make the impact of your activities more efficient and effective.

Take advantage of my diverse experience for a cost-effective solution to your temporary challenge. I am available to you at any time for an initial telephone exchange.

Competences for personnel consultants

With over 15 years of relevant experience, I am your professional and reliable partner for external research support.

I am available to you for the complete full cycle as well as for individual services of the research portfolio.

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Martin Gapp
Project management

Comprehensive research-
Project management


Research service

Dynamically adaptable
Research modules


Project management

Due to high workload, your research cannot handle any more projects?

You would like to handle an enquiry outside your actual core area?

As a rule, research projects begin with the preparation of the target company list and end with the submission of the candidate reports.

We should discuss which research strategy and approach is optimal for you in each individual case.

Graphic 3: project example

Rest assured: I deliver results.

Can I support you with my know-how? Request a free project assessment.

Research service

Do you need effective support for individual research modules in the shortest possible time?

Benefit from my flexibly applicable service portfolio.

All workflows are individually adapted to your recruitment processes.

Grafik 4: Optional research modules

I guarantee you a highly efficient and powerful service.

Let us clarify your needs in a phone call – from professional to professional.

Competences for applicants

I look forward to receiving your personal speculative application!

Initiative advertising

Apply for a job on your own initiative!

I am involved in a wide range of projects from specialist to C-level. These projects often require very specific candidate qualifications. Correspondingly qualified candidates are hard to find.

To be able to precisely check your specific skills and your individual wishes for each search mandate in the future, I need some information from you.

Please deposit your data in my database. Of course, confidential and 100% privacy compliant.

I guarantee you: no data will be passed on to third parties without your consent.

Application form

Maximum file size: 20MB



Are you still unsure about the structure and content of your CV?

Is your letter of application still lacking the finishing touches?

Do you want to prepare yourself as well as possible for a job interview?

Do you want to go into an interview with the right salary expectations?

With the experience of more than 5,000 interviews, I can give you valuable insider tips.

Use my experience for your successful application.

About me

I have been involved in human resources work since 1999.

Since 2003 I have been involved in recruiting at various levels.

How I work

Behind each of these keywords is an essential element of my work.

This is who I am. And this is what you can and should measure me by.

Graphic 5: My way of working

Orientation towards the individual

Let’s face it: recruiting is often a volume business. That’s ok. We are also looking for the famous „needle in a haystack“. And the „haystack“ can be very big.

But the way we treat our most valuable asset – our candidates – should not suffer.

For me, respect and appreciation are a key driver in our daily dealings with all candidates. And the concern to do justice to each individual.

Daher orientiere ich mich an folgenden Grundsätzen zur professionellen Kandidatenauswahl

Graphic 6: Guide to candidate selection

High Quality Service

The key to a successful project conclusion is mostly effective recruiting.

For this reason, I ask you many – sometimes unusual and critical – questions at the beginning of our cooperation.

Why? Because recruiting projects can already fail in the project set-up.

Therefore, the concept of success has proven itself:

  • Nur wenn ich das Suchprofil I can only find the right candidates if I understand the search profile.
  • And I have to be able to identify with the position to be filled in order to motivate and inspire potential candidates.

My Person

My career in human resources began with HR studies at Pforzheim University. After several positions in management, I decided to combine my skills in personnel and project management in personnel consulting.

For more than 14 years I worked, most recently as a partner, in executive search, permanent placement, interim management and temporary employment with the following renowned companies:

  • Selecteam Deutschland Executive Search
  • von Rundstedt Executive Search
  • Amadeus FiRe
  • Robert Half International

During this time, I and my teams have successfully placed thousands of suitable employees, ranging from specialists to board members. The recruitment scope ranged from regional individual assignments to worldwide RPO campaigns. In addition to the classic instruments, I also got to know and use the modern multi-channel approaches of candidate recruitment.

Data and process security

Your data is absolutely safe.

Graphic 7: State-of-the-art security concept


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