End-to-end Recruiting

Holistic recruitment projects


Do you consider outsourcing a recruiting project to an external specialist?

Please let us discuss if my recruiting approach fits to your needs.

Successful processing of your employee search

From my HR practice of more than 20 years, I have developed a systematic method for a successful and proven approach to a recruiting project. This ensures that as many relevant aspects as possible are considered for an efficient and successful recruitment. Your basic initial situation, your continuing corporate and HR strategy and your internal processes are considered, as are all job-related details and all other influencing factors.

Even if we proceed together according to this structure (please see below) it always remains a custom-fit approach tailored to your company.

360° Recruiting

  • Precisely fitting recruitment approach in relation to your initial situation, your company, your HR strategy, your internal processes, the details of the respective vacancies and all other influencing factors
  • Proven, systematic and efficient project procedure
  • Holistic recruitment life cycle from active sourcing up to completion of employment contracts
  • Execution of projects from single orders up to substantial campaigns
Grafik End-to-end Recruiting